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Core Curriculum

Student ELSJ Resources

In academic courses at SCU that involve community-based learning, students will engage in critical and reflective community-based activities as a component of the curriculum of the course. These community engagement experiences generally take place off campus, yet are fully integrated with the in-class component of the course.

Completing the ELSJ Requirement

See the Integrations course listings for courses approved for ELSJ. This requirement can be satisfied in two ways: with one of the approved ELSJ courses or with an ELSJ 9.

1.    One class, incorporating the key elements, in which all students receive ELSJ credit upon passing the course (units variable).

2.    One nondepartmental independent study "ELSJ 9” class (one unit) Enrolled students will participate in a pre-approved Ignatian Center immersion in advance of the course. Coursework will allow students to reflect on the immersion experience and explore what it means to live in solidarity with our local and global community. Students will strengthen their ability to work sensitively and respectfully with communities that are socially, economically, and/or politically marginalized or oppressed. Course assignments include critical reflections and an academic research paper. Enrollment by permission only. Permission must be granted by the Assessment Manager for Undergraduate Studies in advance of beginning the immersion experience. 

Community-based learning placement opportunities are available through Santa Clara programs such as the Arrupe Engagement Program and Ignatian Center Immersions

ELSJ students requiring transportation to their community placements have many options. Find out more about community-based learning (CBL) affiliate memberships in Zipcar for SCU students. Learn more about other Transportation Options