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Core Curriculum

Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies

Facilitator: David Pinault, Religious Studies

Courses in the Islamic Studies Pathway investigate Islam not only as a religion but also as a civilization and as a variety of cultural traditions, which have taken diverse forms in Muslim societies worldwide from the seventh century to the present. Students will have the opportunity to select courses from a variety of disciplines to investigate topics such as:

Theological interpretations of Islam as a religious tradition
The interplay of politics and religion in our contemporary world
Anthropological perspectives on Muslim populations
The history of Islam as a civilization and cultural phenomenon
Islamic themes in literature and the arts
Interreligious and cross-cultural contacts among Muslim and non-Muslim traditions

Associated Courses

Foundations Courses
(Please note that only the specific Foundation course topics qualify for the Pathway requirements, and only one Foundations course may be applied to a Pathway)

ENGL         12A         Cross Cultural Contact (effective 9/1/09)
HIST          12A         Cultures of Islam (effective 9/1/09)

ANTH         156          Anthropology of Muslim Peoples & Practices (effective 9/1/09)
ANTH         187          Middle East: Gender & Sexuality (cross-listed with WGST 120; effective 9/1/09)
ANTH         188          People, Culture, and Change in the Middle East (effective 9/1/09)

Art History
ARTH         24            From Damascus to Dubai: A Survey of the Visual Culture of the Middle East (effective 9/1/09)
*ARTH       164           Islamic Art, 600 - 1350 C.E. (effective 9/1/09)

ENGL         156           Global Literatures (effective 9/1/09)
ENGL         156A         Global Literatures: Postcolonial Lit & Theory (effective 9/1/09)
ENGL         1 56B         Global Literatures: African Literature (effective 1/1/21)
ENGL         128           Studies in the Literature of the Middle Eastern and Islamic World (effective 9/1/09)
ENGL         165           Studies in African Literature (effective 9/1/09)

Modern Languages and Literatures
ARAB         137           Arabic Culture and Identity (effective 9/1/09)
ARAB         171           Reading the Quran (effective 03/25/16)
FREN          113           Francophone Culture & Civilization: Black African and Caribbean Women Writers (cross-listed with WGST 123; effective 9/1/09)
FREN          114           Literature & Cultures of the Maghreb (effective 9/1/09)
*FREN        116           Major Works: French Lit II (topic: French Orientalism only; offered Winter 2011)
FREN          117           French Orientalism: The Representation of Otherness in Literature, Cinema & Visual Arts (effective 9/1/09)
*FREN        173           Immigration, Race, & Identity in Contemporary France (effective 9/1/09)

HIST          107           Spain and Morocco: Jews, Christians, and Muslims, 1300-1800 (effective 9/1/09)
HIST          142           Modern Middle East and North Africa (effective 9/1/09)
HIST          144S         Islam in Africa (formerly HIST 144; effective 2/21/2017)
HIST          145           Islam in the Modern World (effective 9/1/09)

Political Science
*POLI         142           Politics in Middle East (effective 9/1/09)

Religious Studies
RSOC         19             Egyptian Religious Traditions (effective 9/1/09)
RSOC         19H           Egyptian Religious Traditions: Honors (effective 11/25/2015)
*RSOC       81             Islam (effective 9/1/09)
*RSOC       81H           Islam: Honors (effective 11/25/2015)
*RSOC       126            Sufi Islam/Christian Mysticism (effective 9/1/18) 
*RSOC       154            Islamic Jesus (effective 9/1/09)
*RSOC       182            Shia Islam in the Contemporary World (effective 9/1/09)
*RSOC       190            Islam: Reformation and Modernity (effective 9/1/09)
SCTR         19              Religions of the Book (effective 9/1/09)
SCTR         19H            Religions of the Book: Honors (effective 11/25/2015)
*SCTR        119            Law in Judaism, Christianity and Islam (effective 9/1/09)
*SCTR        125            Qu'ran Interpretation (effective 2/3/2016)
*SCTR        126            Sufi Mysticism (effective 2/3/2016)

The Middle East & World Affairs
SIS            319-900T    The Middle East & World Affairs Seminar I (American University Washington Semester Program)

Women's and Gender Studies
WGST         120            Middle East: Gender & Sexuality (cross-listed with ANTH 187; effective 9/1/09)
WGST         123            Francophone Culture & Civilization: Black African and Caribbean Women Writers (cross-listed with FREN 113; effective 9/1/09)

* Indicates Course Has Prerequisites