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Core Curriculum

Law & Social Justice

Law & Social Justice

Facilitators: Jane Curry, Political Science; Deborah Moss-West, Law

The Law and Social Justice Pathway offers students a cross-disciplinary opportunity to learn about and focus on issues related to social justice particularly from a legal perspective. Students who are considering going to law school or pursuing a career in legal services will be able to study the principles behind the justice system and have practical experiences that expose them to social justice issues in the community. This Pathway is also beneficial to students considering a career in government, social services, or public service as students will learn about community needs and deepen their understanding of how underrepresented, marginalized, and subordinated client populations and causes can be served through social justice law.

Associated Courses

Foundations Courses
(Please note that only the specific Foundation course topics qualify for the Pathway requirements, and only one Foundations course may be applied to a Pathway)

PHIL         12A         Philosophy of Law (effective 3/25/13)

American Politics
GOVT        410-001T American Govt & Politics Seminar I (American University Washington Semester Program)

ANTH        151         Law and Society (effective 9/1/09)
ANTH        155         Conflict Resolution (effective 9/1/09)

Arts and Sciences
ASCI         50           Law & Social Justice (cross-listed with ELSJ 50; effective 9/1/09)

CLAS         188         Classical Origins of Justice (effective 9/1/09)

*COMM      120         Group Communication (effective 9/1/09)
*COMM      145B       Legal Journalism (effective 9/1/09)

*ECON       126         Economics and Law (effective 3/25/18)

*ENGL       115          Argumentation (effective 9/1/09)
*ENGL       115H        Argumentation: Honors (effective 9/1/11)

Ethnic Studies
ETHN         141          Asian American Women (cross-listed with WGST 111; effective 9/1/2009)

Experiential Learning for Social Justice
ELSJ          50            Law & Social Justice (cross-listed with ASCI 50; effective 9/1/09)
ELSJ          51            Legal Pathways to Equity: Navigating the Intersection of Law and Social Justice (effective 3/25/24)

HIST          84            United States Women's History (cross-listed with WGST 57; effective 9/1/09)
HIST          158          Turmoil and Reform: U.S. 1877-1920 (effective 3/25/15)
HIST          177          Gays and Lesbians in United States History (cross-listed with WGST 138; effective 9/1/09)
HIST          188S        The Making of Modern America: The Progressive Era (formerly HIST 188; effective 9/1/09)

Intl Law & Organizations
SIS            450-900T      Intl Law & Organizations Seminar I (American University Washington Semester Program)

Justice & Law
JLS            492-001T       Justice Semester Seminar I (American University Washington Semester Program)

Peace & Conflict Resolution
SIS           486-900T        Peace & Conflict Resolution Seminar (American University Washington Semester Program)

PHIL          25             Ethics in Society (effective 9/1/09; formerly PHIL 5)
PHIL          25H           Ethics in Society: Honors (effective 11/25/2015; formerly PHIL 5H)
PHIL          30             Ethics and the Law (effective 9/1/09; formerly PHIL 10)
PHIL          30H           Ethics and the Environment: Honors (effective 11/25/2015; formerly PHIL 10H)
PHIL          117           Bioethics and the Law (effective 9/1/09; formerly PHIL 111)
PHIL          118           Ethics and Constitutional Law (effective 9/1/09; formerly PHIL 113)
PHIL          119           Ethics and Criminal Law (effective 9/1/09; formerly PHIL 114)
*PHIL        122           Political Philosophy and Ethics (effective 9/1/09)
PHIL          123           Philosophy of Law (effective 3/25/16; formerly PHIL 154)

Political Science
POLI          30             Introduction to Political Philosophy (effective 9/1/09)
POLI          45             Criminal Justice System (effective 9/1/09)
*POLI        124            Law, Security and Force (effective 9/1/09)
*POLI        125            International Law (effective 9/1/09)
*POLI        127            Global Perspectives in Women and Law Special Topics in International Relations
*POLI        134            Race & Ethnicity in Politics of Developed States (effective 9/1/09)
*POLI        143            Democracy & Democracy Building (effective 9/1/09)
*POLI        156            Politics and Mass Media (effective 9/1/09)
*POLI        160            The Constitution and Equality (effective 9/1/09)
*POLI        161            Law & Politics in the United States (effective 9/1/09)
*POLI        167            Making Public Policy (effective 9/1/09)
POLI          168            U.S. Criminal Legal System: Policy and Reform (effective 9/1/24)
POLI          169            Special Topics in US Politics (topic Women & Law only; cross-listed with WGST 118, POLI 171; effective 9/1/09)
POLI          171            Women & Law (cross-listed with POLI 169 topic Women & Law only; WGST 118; effective 9/1/09)
*POLI        195L           ​Constitutional Theory, Constitutional Politics (formerly 195P; effective 9/1/15)

Religious Studies
*RSOC       136            Religion in Latin America (effective 9/1/09)
*TESP        64              Environmental Justice in Catholic Imagination (effective 9/1/09)

SOCI          33             Social Problems in the United States (effective 9/1/09)
*SOCI        159            Sociology of Crime (effective 9/1/09)
SOCI          160            Sociology of Law (effective 9/1/09)
*SOCI        161            Sociology of the Criminal Justice System (effective 9/1/09)

Transforming Communities
GOVT         417-001T     Transforming Communities Seminar I (American University Washington Semester Program)

Women's and Gender Studies
WGST         57              Women in American Society (cross-listed with HIST 84; effective 9/1/09)
WGST         111            Asian American Women (cross-listed with ETHN 141; effective 2/9/2010)
WGST         118            Women & Law (cross-listed with POLI 171, POLI 169 (topic Women and Law only; effective 9/1/11)
WGST         138            Gays and Lesbians in United States History (cross-listed with HIST 177; effective 9/1/09)
WGST         189            Sex, Law and Social Justice: The Politics of Advocacy (effective 9/10/15)

* Indicates Course Has Prerequisites