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Core Curriculum

The Digital Age

The Digital Age

Facilitator: Yi Fang, Computer Engineering

The Digital Age, also called the Information Age, refers to a new emphasis on electronic manipulation of information influencing the global economy in ways the production and exchange of physical goods influenced economies in the past, in the industrial age. Explosive growth of the Internet over the past decade allows information, goods, and services to be shared between people of all economic levels from around the globe. This instant accessibility to news, entertainment, and information has changed the way we communicate, shop, and learn.
Because society is changed by technology, those who steer the development and course of technology should be knowledgeable about and sensitive to the effects of their work on others. Courses in this Pathway will offer opportunities for learning about digital information technology and the way it pervades our lives. A main Pathway goal will be to deepen knowledge and understanding of the complex interplay between social, moral, political and cultural values and our digital society through integrative, cross-disciplinary learning.

Associated Courses

Foundations Courses
(Please note that only the specific Foundation course topics qualify for the Pathway requirements,
and only one Foundations course may be applied to a Pathway)

ENGL        2A        Remixing Little Brother (effective 9/1/09)
ENGL        2A/H     Technology & Cultural Knowledge (effective 9/1/09)
ENGL        2A/H     Writing about Sustainability (effective 9/1/09)
ENGL        2A        Writing with New Media (effective 9/1/09)

*ACTG      120      Accounting Data Analysis and Visualization (effective 3/25/23)
*ACTG      134      Accounting Information Systems (effective 9/1/09)

ARTS        36        Ditto! The Technology of Print (effective 1/1/16)
ARTS        57        Digital Photography (effective 9/1/09)
ARTS        74        Basic Digital Imaging (effective 9/1/09)
*ARTS      157      Digital Photography (effective 9/1/09)
*ARTS      158      Advanced Digital Photography (effective 01/01/18)
*ARTS      159      Digital Storytelling Through the Visual Arts (effective 03/25/18)
*ARTS      174      Intermediate Digital Imaging (effective 9/1/09)
*ARTS      176      Advanced Computer Imaging (effective 4/4/2016)
*ARTS      177      Website Graphic Design (effective 9/1/09)
*ARTS      179      Introduction to 2D Animation (effective 9/1/09)

Child Studies
CHST          75      Technology and Education (effective 9/1/09)

Civil Engineering 
*CENG      7/7L     Graphic Communication (effective 9/1/09)
CENG        15        Computer Appl in Ceng (effective 9/1/09)
CENG        15L      Computer Appl in Ceng Lab (CENG 15 is a co-requisite; effective 9/1/09)
*CENG      160      GIS in Water Resources (effective Winter 2021)
*CENG      182      Introduction to Building Information Modeling (effective Spring 2021)

Computer Engineering
COEN        10        Introduction to Programming (effective 9/1/09)
COEN        10L      Introduction to Programming Lab (COEN 10 is a co-requisite; effective 9/1/09)
*COEN      11        Advanced Programming (effective 9/1/09)
COEN        11L      Advanced Programming Lab (COEN 11 is a co-requisite; effective 9/1/09)
*COEN      12        Abstract Data Types & Structures (effective 2/17/2017)
COEN        12L      Abstract Data Types & Structures Lab (COEN 12 is a co-requisite; effective 9/1/09)
COEN        19        Discrete Mathematics (cross-listed as MATH 51; effective 9/1/09)
COEN        21        Introduction to Logic Design (cross-listed with ELEN 21; effective 9/1/09)
COEN        21L      Logic Design Lab (COEN 21 is a co-requisite; cross-listed with ELEN 21L; effective 9/1/09)
*COEN      44        Applied Programming in C (effective 9/1/09)
COEN        44L      Applied Programming in C Lab (COEN 44 is a co-requisite; effective 9/1/09)
*COEN      45        Applied Programming in MATLAB (effective 9/1/09)
COEN        45L      Applied Programming in MATLAB Lab (COEN 45 is a co-requisite; effective 9/1/09)
*COEN      167      Introduction to 2-D Animation (cross-listed with ARTS 179; effective 9/1/09)
*COEN      177      Operating Systems (effective 9/1/09)
COEN        177L     Operating Systems Lab (COEN 177 is a co-requisite; effective 9/1/09)
*COEN      178       Introduction to Database Systems (effective 9/1/09)
COEN        178L     Introduction to Database Systems Lab (COEN 178 is a co-requisite; effective 9/1/09)

COMM       3             Digital Storytelling (effective 9/1/22)
COMM       12           Technology and Communication (effective 9/1/09)
*COMM      50           Media and Technology Studies (effective 3/25/23)
*COMM     161B       Communication Media and Technology in Education (effective 9/1/09)
*COMM     162         Multimedia Journalism (effective 9/1/09)
*COMM     162A       Communication Technology and Policy (effective 9/1/2009)
COMM       163A       Internet Communities & Communication (effective 9/1/09)
COMM       174         Digital Feminisms (effective 1/1/23)
*COMM      176         Dating in the Digital Age (effective 9/1/22)
*COMM     181A       Global Media Industries (effective 9/1/09)
COMM       185         Identity, Privacy and Politics in the Digital Age (effective 9/1/09)

*ECON      186         Economics of Digitization (effective 1/1/16) 

Electrical Engineering
ELEN         21           Introduction to Logic Design (cross-listed with COEN 21; effective 9/1/09)
ELEN         21L         Logic Design Lab (ELEN 21 is a co-requisite; cross-listed with COEN 21L; effective 9/1/09)
*ELEN       33           Digital System Architectures (effective 9/1/09)
ELEN         33L         Digital System Architectures- Lab (ELEN 33 is a co-requisite; effective 9/1/09)
*ELEN       153         Digital Integrated Circuit Design (effective 9/1/09)
ELEN         153L       Digital Integrated Circuit Design Lab (ELEN 153 is a co-requisite; effective 9/1/09)

ENGL         25          Textual Editing (effective 03/25/18) 
ENGL         109        Information Culture and Information Society (formerly ENGL 138; effective 9/1/09)

General Engineering
ENGR         19         Ethics in Technology (effective 9/1/09)

HIST          27/127   Public & Digital History (effective 1/1/21)

Mathematics and Computer Science
CSCI          3           Intro to Computing & Applications (effective 9/1/09)
*CSCI        10          Introduction to Computer Science (effective 9/1/09)
*CSCI        10B        Introduction to Computer Science B (effective 1/1/2015)
*CSCI        60          Object-oriented Programming (effective 9/1/09)
*CSCI        61          Data Structures (effective 9/1/09)
MATH         51          Discrete Mathematics (cross-listed as COEN 19; effective 9/1/09)

Mechanical Engineering
MECH         10          Graphical Comm in Design (effective 9/1/09)
MECH         10L         Graphical Comm in Design Lab (MECH 10 is a co-requisite; effective 9/1/09)

*MKTG       175         Internet Marketing (effective 9/1/09)
*MKTG       177         Social Media Marketing (effective 3/29/15)

MUSC         115         Experimental Sound Design (effective 1/1/16)
MUSC         119         Music, Technology & Society (effective 9/1/09)
MUSC         157         Laptop Orchestra (effective 3/25/16)

Operations and Management Information Systems
OMIS          30          Introduction to Programming (effective 9/1/09)
OMIS          34          Science, Information Technology, Business and Society (effective 9/1/09)
*OMIS        105         Database Management Systems (effective 9/1/09)
*OMIS        107         Systems Programming (effective 9/1/09)

PHIL           22/H        Ethics in the Digital Age (effective 9/1/09; formerly PHIL 3A/H)
PHIL           40            Science, Technology, and Society (effective 9/1/09; formerly PHIL 80)
PHIL           130          Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (effective 01/01/22)

Political Science
*POLI        120           Mass Media, Information Technology, and International Politics (effective 9/1/2009)
*POLI        156           Politics and Mass Media (effective 9/1/09)

Religious Studies
*RSOC       119           Media and Religion (effective 9/1/09)
*RSOC       129           Buddhism in the Digital Age (effective 1/1/24)

*SOCI        49             Tech, Social Media, and Society (effective 9/1/09)
SOCI          149           Business, Technology and Society (effective 9/1/09)

Theatre and Dance
THTR          35             Technology and Theatre (effective 9/1/09)

* Indicates Course Has Prerequisites