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Caring for Yourself While Building Your Business

Stacked dice with the word You

Stacked dice with the word You

Caring for Yourself While Building Your Business: Three Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Life coach Karyn Holl discusses three strategies to care for yourself along the incredible, challenging, and sometimes daunting journey to entrepreneurship.

Starting your own business requires bravery and ambition. It demonstrates a deep belief in yourself and your purpose. At the same time, being an entrepreneur can be lonely. Most new entrepreneurs begin as a company of one, accepting all of the risks and making all of the decisions.

As you go through this incredible, challenging, and sometimes daunting process of creating and building your business, how do you care for yourself? How do you ensure that the whole you does not become overshadowed by the entrepreneur in you?

Below are three recommendations along with ideas for how to make each one happen. 

1. Give yourself compassion.
Each of us has a voice inside our head that can be judgmental. Imagine talking to your best friend with that voice. Consider how you talk to family and friends who are in need. For most, it is with compassion and empathy. You deserve the same gift, the same care as you give to those you love.

This week, one time, try to use the friend voice with yourself. Instead of, "Why can't you get anything done?" try "You are making small steps towards your goals." Switch "What are you doing with your life?" for "You make good choices to live the life you seek."

No one is likely to be as hard on you as you. It may feel like punishing yourself is the way to create action. However, in the long run, we respond to compassion more than judgement.

2. Show up for yourself consistently.
Entrepreneurs tend to be highly effective and responsible to other people. That commitment to employees, investors, and clients is a key to success. Maintaining your health and well-being requires that you also show up for yourself. Commit to yourself with the same consistency as you commit to others in your life. You are the most important part of your business.

As you plan for the upcoming week, include one small goal that is important to your whole person. Then break down that goal into parts that are so tiny, they seem almost ridiculous. Schedule those tiny steps on your calendar just as you do a meeting with a customer or time to write an investor proposal.

When you get to that moment on your calendar, commit to spending at least 15 minutes on that task. Set a timer and allow yourself to move forward, knowing that this goal is part of caring for yourself and, as a result, for your business.

3. Prioritize what is most important to you.
To create the time to build your business you will need to sacrifice some things. How do you decide what to prioritize and what to let go of? Focus on what is most important to you.

Take time each week to identify the most important actions that will continue to move your business forward. Then let those items have the time and attention they deserve by deciding what is less important that can be reduced or removed from your life. Spend your valuable time on your top priorities to feel confident you are making the choices that support your work and your life.

With compassion, consistency, and prioritization, you can show up each day to create your business while caring for all of the parts of yourself.


About Karyn Holl

Karyn Holl is a Life Coach and Customer Success Consultant. In her coaching, Karyn works with individuals who want to change a significant part of their life, including career, health, and relationships. Karyn provides the structure, accountability, and excitement needed to help her clients envision and create their next life stage. Karyn marries her education in psychology, coaching, sales, and marketing, with experience building teams, strategies, and her own business to deliver results and enable clients to reach their goals. Karyn offers a complimentary Discovery Session for all new clients interested in exploring the ways coaching can empower a new path forward. For more information visit .

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