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Ecommerce - Business Plan

Download Section 12: Ecommerce Business Plan Section

Section 12: Ecommerce


(Session 12): Describe in detail how you plan to sell your products or services online.





(Session 12): Describe how your best competitors utilize ecommerce and your strategy to improve on their practices.




(Session 12): Research and identify the different channels that you will sell your product or services on. Will you list your products or services on any marketplaces or social media platforms? What markets do each of these channels serve? What is your expectation of sales?.




(Session 12): How will you take orders, process payments, and fulfill requests?




(Session 12): Provide a detailed breakdown of the costs involved in creating, operating and maintaining your ecommerce activities.






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Download Section 12: Ecommerce Business Plan Section

E-Commerce (Section 12) Download