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Special Topics

  • Innovating Workforce Development

    When we think of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship we often picture large and innovative technology companies. Although these big companies often get the most attention, there are a number of smaller programs that are devoted to workforce development. Check out this article by Drew Starbird, Ph.D. and learn more about what these ambitious ventures bring to the table.

  • MOBI Commemorates 25 Years of Educating Emerging Entrepreneurs

    Twenty five years ago, the Los Angeles riots were the spark that was the wake up call for Phil and Peggy Holland. Wanting to turn around the fear and helplessness of their community, the Hollands began teaching entrepreneurship classes in Compton, California. As established business owners and educators, the Hollands turned their passion to guide small business owners and help communities through job creation into the world's first online graded course for emerging entrepreneurs and founded My Own Business Institute (MOBI).

  • Underdog Entrepreneurs: Beating the Odds

    On the surface, they appear to be long shots. Yet, underdog entrepreneurs show us that life's challenges can sometimes lead to good outcomes. Read about the five common skills shared by underdog entrepreneurs in Dr. Drew Starbird's latest blog and meet a recent alumna who's delivering on less traditional measures of success.

  • Three Megatrends of Entrepreneurship: Good News and Bad News

    Owner optimism is improved, however inequity trends in opportunities and economic growth cause significant concern.

  • Helping New Entrepreneurs Overcome Fear

    New businesses represent dynamism in the economy. Yet, many businesses never take flight because aspiring entrepreneurs are held back by fear. MOBI Executive Director Dr. Drew Starbird shares four ways we can help new entrepreneurs.

  • How to Create a Job

    Imagine a world with almost zero unemployment. Could a "job creator" mindset be the key?