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  • 12 Smart Tips for Getting a Small Business Loan

    How can entrepreneurs best prepare to apply for a small business loan? Through smart planning and preparation, entrepreneurs can improve the strength of their application and increase their chances of securing a loan.

  • Financing Your Business: Evaluating Sources of Capital

    Entrepreneurs who need additional capital to start their businesses may feel confused by the lending market where terminology can differ from one lender to the next. How can you compare sources of capital?

  • What Kind of Business Insurance Do I Need?

    If you own a small business, you likely know that business insurance is a critical consideration. Not only does insurance protect your company from various forms of liability and risk, but it also helps ensure you’re complying with state and local regulations. This blog will show you everything you need to know about business insurance, and how to protect your company.

  • What Permits and Licenses Do You Need to Start a Business?

    In order for your business to operate in a certain city or state, you will most likely need to obtain the proper permits and licenses. For this, you will want to coordinate with local and state officials. For some more general information about licenses and permits, such as local and home business licenses and permits, be sure to read this article from MOBI.

  • How to Manage and Keep Good Employees

    After finding and hiring employees, you are tasked with the job of managing and retaining them. Unfortunately, this task is much easier said than done. For some important tips on how to be a more effective manager, read this article by MOBI.

  • How to Find and Hire Good Employees

    The success of your business often depends largely on the quality of your employees. Hiring and retaining quality employees can be challenging, but it is a skill that needs to be honed over time. Be sure to check out this article from MOBI on finding, hiring, and retaining new employees.

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