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Marta Sisman Photography

A Mom’s New Career with Photography Business Celebrates the Beauty of Everyday Life

Photo of Entrepreneur Marta Sisman

Marta Sisman has always loved photography. She has cherished memories of visits with her grandmother in Poland when she would spend time looking through old photo albums. The photos told stories of people, places, and moments in time. Marta noticed every detail, and she recognized the gift of having photos of yourself along your journey in life. As a teenager, Marta began carrying a camera with her everywhere she went, taking photos of herself with friends and family, documenting her travels and special events, and capturing the beauty of the world around her. It wasn’t until Marta’s second daughter was born that her love of pictures and photography took on a new meaning. She realized more than ever the importance of capturing life’s most precious moments. She began to take classes to learn more about digital photography, and the idea of creating a photography business emerged. 

How it got started: Marta Sisman grew up in Poland, where she studied economics and pursued a career in a bank. She moved to the U.S. in 2006, got married, and started a family. All the while photography played an important role in her life, and began to take the shape of a business when her second daughter was born. Marta realized she wanted to commemorate the special moments of her young family, not only from behind the lens but in the photos as well. This thinking sparked the idea to turn her passion for pictures into a photography business, allowing others to not only have pictures from big events, but to capture the magic of everyday life and be in the moment as well. Marta began taking photography classes, learning everything she could. She started her business when her family lived in St. Louis, Missouri, and she began to build her client base through word-of-mouth marketing among friends. When they later relocated about 100 miles away to Cape Girardeau, they knew no one and it was difficult to continue her business. She met and began working with Jim Wojtak, a Senior Transition Coach for Impact Group, a MOBI partner. One of his early recommendations was that Marta should take the MOBI Starting a Business course.

How MOBI helped: With Jim’s guidance and the MOBI course, Marta was able to focus on what was most important for her business, and the critical steps needed to create a business such as obtaining a license, permits, and business insurance as well as financial preparations and more. Marta says, “You can search online for the things you need to start a business, but how do you know that you’re searching for the right things? Everything was listed on MOBI, I could see what I had and what I needed.”

MOBI’s course also helped Marta write her business plan, considering each area of her business carefully and writing her ideas in one place. For Marta, the business plan became an important tool she had underestimated initially. “I found it very valuable and helpful to have all the information and data in one document,” Marta says of her business plan. “I recommend it to anybody who starts a business!” 

Her work in the course and collaboration with Jim helped her identify and highlight her strengths. Marta’s photography focuses on the art of everyday life. She wants to help her clients capture and treasure the details that often go unnoticed, but provide the rich context for our memories. Marta has always had a keen sense for observing these details and ensuring they are part of the collection she creates in every photo session. “I always think about the details I would want to remember, how to capture the love in a beautiful family moment that occurs in acts and events of everyday life.”

Marta also learned about different marketing methods, the importance of social media, and the power and complexity of search engine optimization (SEO). She is now creating a greater online presence and exploring local markets through newspapers, magazines, and networking as well as learning about Google Ads.

What’s next? Marta hopes to build her business and continue to add more clients. Marta says, “For a business, there is a process, there is something to do all the time.” She plans to continue her focus on marketing through social media, Google Ads, and networking while at the same time always learning more about photography, exploring new styles, techniques, and opportunities. She is excited to market her unique point of view celebrating the art and love of everyday life. 

To learn more about Marta Sisman Photography, please visit her website at or follow @martasismanphotography on Facebook and Instagram.

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