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Posh Gals Social Club stylized business name graphic

Posh Gals Social Club stylized business name graphic

Posh Gals Social Club

Social Media Enthusiast Taps Her Creativity in Starting an Interactive Selfie Museum Business in Connecticut

Photo of Posh Gals Social Club Founder Desiree Panther

Desiree Panther enjoyed social media and selfies just like anyone else, but it was her first visit to a selfie museum that planted the seed for her future business. She recognized an opportunity to combine her hobbies and creative talents to pursue a new career and create fun, memorable experiences for others. Desiree turned to the My Own Business Institute (MOBI) to learn more about starting and owning a business before taking her first steps. She completed the Starting a Business and Quick Start Entrepreneur courses in 2022 and then founded the Posh Gals Social Club interactive selfie museum in Connecticut. 

How it Got Started: Visiting my first selfie museum in 2016 changed my life. It was incredible to see and experience the creativity brought to life for visitors to enjoy. As a social media enthusiast I’m always eager to discover unique, beautiful, and interesting contexts for my own selfies and posts. I felt so inspired to visit a fully curated selfie experience. My passion grew as I traveled and visited different cities and states over the past seven years. Incorporating interactive or selfie museums into my itinerary became a habit and fueled my inspiration and love for art. Once I noticed the need for an interactive selfie museum in Connecticut I started my journey to create that space and bring Posh Gals Social Club to life. The process has allowed me to explore new ways of expressing and sharing my creativity for others to enjoy!

How the My Own Business course(s) helped: The available courses MOBI provides gave me the tools and solid direction I needed to confidently take the next steps with Posh Gals Social Club. The courses allowed me to identify my strengths and magnify them. All courses are extremely detailed and allow students to view their business up close and from a bird’s-eye view. The documents and worksheets available with each course were a critical piece of my planning process. I couldn’t be more grateful for MOBI! I highly recommend their courses to anyone, regardless of their time as an entrepreneur. Everyone can learn from the courses offered.

What’s Next: Desiree is continuing the process of launching and marketing Posh Gals Social Club with plans to open before 2024. She is currently building a website and establishing her social media presence for the business. She continues to visit other selfie museums as she travels to new places, always inspired by the vision of others to bring her creativity to life for her museum guests to enjoy!

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