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Photo of espresso machine

Photo of espresso machine

Savvy Grinds LLC

Teacher in Michigan, Inspired by Friendly Service, Company Values, and Delicious Coffee, Purchases a Coffee Franchise and Embarks on a New Career

Dr Samara Stewart Photo

Long-time special education teacher Samara Stewart discovered a new favorite coffee shop that gave her a business idea in addition to a warm cup of joe. Inspired by their friendly service, company values, delicious coffee, and franchise opportunities, Samara began to consider a new career path. She saved her money for two years in order to buy into a franchise of this organization. She also decided to take MOBI’s Starting a Business course to prepare herself for business ownership. Samara and two partners, Stephanie and Thania, formed Savvy Grinds LLC, establishing an organization to purchase the franchise opportunity provided by the coffee shop.

How it Got Started:  “I was attracted to this coffee shop because of their commitment to helping people create a life they love and to improve workplace satisfaction. In addition to their values, I love their coffee!” said Samara Stewart of her first impressions of the coffee shop. She discovered the shop during the pandemic and always felt very welcomed when she patronized them. Samara had felt ready to leave the teaching profession where she had spent 15 years in special education at every level from elementary school to middle school and high school. When she learned her new favorite coffee stop also provided franchise opportunities, she was inspired to make a change. “I was ready to leave the teaching profession, so I saved money for two years to buy into the franchise. I then partnered with Stephanie and Thania to form Savvy Grinds as a limited liability company, and we signed our franchise contract in October 2022.”

How MOBI Helped:  “I thought taking the MOBI Starting a Business course would be beneficial for my new career as a business owner. Since the course is online and self-paced, I could take it while still working as a teacher, when I was saving my money for the franchise,” Samara said. There were a lot of topics in the course that were helpful for Samara including Business Organization, which helped her understand how to structure a partnership, as well as Buying a Business or Franchise, Managing Employees, Marketing, and Accounting and Cash Flow

“MOBI’s course gives a great overview of what is expected in business. I think it is beneficial to have some knowledge of how to run a business before opening our store. I am confident I will use the information I gained in the course to support my business endeavors,” Samara shared.

What’s Next:  Now that Samara and her Savvy Grinds partners have their franchise contract signed, they are looking for a great space to open shop. She is excited about her new career path and to share the friendly experience, supportive values, and delicious coffee she experienced with her own customers very soon.

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