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Core Curriculum

ELSJ Completion Options

Experiential Learning for Social Justice Core Curriculum Requirement

Option 1

  • Approved Course with ELSJ Credit Required
  • Structure: One class in which all students receive ELSJ credit
  • Units & grading: Units variable. Some courses offered for a grade. Some courses offered only P/NP.
  • Examples: ANTH 3, TESP 158, SOCI 30, COMM 40EL, ELSJ 22
  • Notes: Some Study Abroad courses are approved for ELSJ. Example Community-based Learning Experience: Arrupe Weekly Engagement Program placement

Option 2

  • ELSJ Milestone
  • Structure: Propose independent academic curriculum for Undergraduate Studies in advance of start date. 
  • Units & grading: Typically 0 units. 
  • Examples: Kolvenbach Solidarity Program Immersion with ELSJ Contract
  • Notes: Contract and guidelines will be available online

* All ELSJ options involve sustained work in communities (typically 16 hours) and submission of work demonstrating the achievement of the ELSJ learning objectives.