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Sustainability Series

Learn, share, and inspire others.

These events are open to the campus community and the public, and focus on different sustainability topics that cover the issue globally, locally, or both.

The first event in this year's series always starts with an introduction to campus sustainability. This event trains individuals on campus topics like food, waste, water, transit, energy, and purchasing so they are knowledgeable to answers questions as an official Sustainability Guide.

Trainings are offered on various days in September and October. Please check our calendar for specific dates and times. 

November 2nd, 12:00 p.m., Parlors B&C, Benson Memorial Center

Learn more about the management of waste and its connection to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, and ways you can free yourself from unnecessary waste, even during the holidays!

Please check our calendar for more details.

Join us for the first winter quarter Sustainability Series event! Learn more about yourself and local resources that will help you follow the be part of a more sustainable fashion revolution and mindful consumption. 

Please check our calendar for more details.

Learn more about the globalization of food and ways we can modify our relationship and attitude toward food to combat the effects of climate change.

Please check our calendar for more details.

Justice and sustainability are not separate concepts. Learn more about the environmental justice movement as well as the current injustices happening due to effects of climate change.

Please check our calendar for more details.