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Jump to Reduce & Reuse | A How-To Video on Repurposing Plastic Bags from the Store

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Our How-To videos are learning prompts designed to increase environmental awareness as we find new uses for old things, keeping us creative as we reduce waste going to our landfills.

Did you know nearly two million plastic bags are used every minute? Plastic in our landfills is a big problem for lots of reasons, so it helps a lot when we bring our own bags to the store. Still, we find a way to reuse the plastic grocery bags around the house! Watch and learn how to tie a bunch together to create your own jump rope, in this How-To Make a Plastic Bag Jump Rope Video created by students in Urban Agriculture Practicum Fall ‘20. Get outside and play!

Here’s Step-by-Step Instructions to Making your Jump Rope

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Garden Games with your Jump Rope

All kinds of insects are found in the garden, from bees to butterflies. What makes an insect an insect? Well, this quick video will teach the body parts of insects in this Postcard from the Garden, created by Sociology of Education Winter ‘21 students! Then show you how to use your jump rope to memorize what you've learned. 

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Composting Project for Kids

The art and science of composting can be complex; therefore a bit intimidating to try. Try this composting experiment shown in the Postcard from the Garden created by Sociology of Education Winter ‘21 students. It takes the complication out of composting, and it saves you from creating a giant pile in your own yard. Who knows, though, this simple project might inspire you to learn how to compost with worms!