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Leavey School of Business Santa Clara University

Academic Departments

The Leavey School of Business consists of six academic departments that house 8 majors and 5 minors in addition to 7 graduate degrees. 


Pursue a major in Accounting or Accounting and Information Systems. Our accounting students are highly sought by national and regional accounting firms.

The finance major at Santa Clara University opens all kinds of doors and will prepare you for success in making and managing financial decisions.

Gain a broad perspective of the challenges faced by business today, and develop the skills needed to become a leader in successful organizations, large or small.

Choose from two degrees in economics: A Bachelor of Science in Commerce through the Business School or a Bachelor of Science through the College of Arts and Sciences.

Pursue a major in Management Information Systems (MIS), or Accounting and Information Systems (AIS). You can also supplement any major with an MIS or Business Analytics minor.

Our marketing students find jobs in a wide range of areas from retail advertising and sales to new product development and market research to internet marketing and supply chain.