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MyOwnBusiness Institute

How To Finance Your Business

Sources of Funding

Do not know how you are going to fund your small business? Emma J. Gonzalez, Deputy Director of Sillicon Valley Hispanic Satellite, explores the different sources of funding for small businesses. 

Investing the Retained Earnings of Your Business

Phill Holland, founder of MOBI, provides guidelines on how to invest your retained earnings in a way that increases the value of your company and brings benefits to the company. 

What do Business Investors Look For?

Daniel Nathanson, Ph.D from the UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Business, explains what business investors look for in a new business.

Raising Capital for Your Small Business

Raising capital can present a challenge for entrepreneurs starting a business. Steven Morgan, ED.D, President at the University of Laverne, presents helpful business tips to get you started.

BusinessTown: How Do You Bootstrap Your Business originally appeared on BusinessTown

Find out why tracking revenue is so important in the process of bootstrapping and finding investors for your business.