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Building Relationships and Getting the Sale

Tips to make sure you are successful in sales and building those long-term relationships with your customers, presented by Christina Johnson, Strategic Solutions Account Executive, and Business Development Consultant.


It is important to understand that selling is about building relationships with customers. Customers are more informed today than ever before and competition is fierce. The customer has to feel that you are there for them to provide the best product, with the best value and the best service. Business owners get in the habit of watching the bottom line more than the relationships they build with their customers. This may lead to initial sales, but not long term customers that become champions of your product and brand. Here are some tips to make sure you are successful in sales and building those long-term relationships with your customers:

  • Have a positive attitude ALL THE TIME towards customers and sales. Even on days where the weight of business gets you down or a customer gets to you, make sure you maintain the positive attitude.
  • Appearance matters. Make sure your staff is well dressed, smiling and positive. The first 30 seconds speaking with customers is vital.
  • Have a plan! In order to be successful in sales, you need to have a plan. Prequalify your targets, research, and have a minimum outcome goal that you expect to achieve after your meeting or call with the customer has concluded.
  • Qualify the customer immediately! You should be able to tell in 30 seconds if this customer is able or willing to buy your product or service. Maintain relationships, but do not chase customers that have no intention of buying. Customers buy when they have a problem they have to solve or a pain point they need to fix.
  • Talk about benefits, not features! Know what you sell and speak in terms that the customers understand. What problems can your product or service solve for the customer? What benefits will they get from your product or service? If you just list benefits, then you become no different to your customer than your competitor.
  • Let the customer talk. Paraphrase with benefits and solutions that match what the customer has implied their needs are.
  • Don’t be afraid of the silence!
  • Always be closing! Always ask for the sale or a confirmation of movement in the sales process.
  • Don’t give up! You will hear no. Be cordial, thank customers for their time, ask for referrals and follow up. It is imperative to maintain relationships. While it may be a no today, no one knows what needs may arise tomorrow and you want to be that business that is top of mind when the need does come up!