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Facilities Layouts

  • Four Bellomy Fields (A, B, C, D) - Groups are able to schedule Field A, B, C, D.
  • Intramural teams normally play on B & D, eliminating it from use, so check before scheduling it.
  • Club Sport Home Games: whole field is closed.
  • It is okay to schedule a field even if the other two are in use, depending on the amount of space that is required and safety of participants on fields. For example, a softball game on Field C will not work if A, B, and D are also reserved, whereas kickball would work safely.
  • Eight hours per week per student group to allow equality for the groups needing this type of space.

For reservations, please check the field schedule first to see when Bellomy Field is available.

Image of Bellomy Field with labeled field locations A, B, C, & D

  • All courts have basketball and volleyball accessibility.
  • Only court three may have badminton nets (up to three).
  • Reservations for volleyball or basketball tournaments may not exceed two courts.
  • Only one court may be reserved if there is a club sport home game or practice to keep one court open for drop in recreation.
  • Courts can be reserved for a maximum of six hours per week - during the winter quarter, there may be less time open for outside groups due to heavy Campus Recreation programming use and Large Scale Events (i.e. student dances).

For reservations, please visit the court schedule first to see when the Malley Center Courts are available.


  • When scheduling the Multipurpose Room we schedule groups with a 15 minute window between reservations to allow for one group to finish & the other to begin.
  • We limit reservations to 6 hours per week per student group to allow for equality for the groups that need this type of space.
  • All reservations and fitness classes have the entire room to themselves. 
  • Student groups DO NOT have access to the stereo system in the space but may bring their own stereo, iPOD docking stations, etc. and plug them into any outlet in the room. 

For reservations, please visit our Multipurpose Room schedule first to see when the Malley Center Multipurpose Room is available.

  • Lanes will not be available if polo or other group are scheduled.
  • Student groups (through CSL) should reserve the polo section only.
  • A maximum of eight hours per week per student group may be requested.

For reservations, please visit our Sullivan Aquatics schedule first to see when the Sullivan Aquatic Center is available.