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The Mission Sustainable Logo

Please let the Center for Sustainability know if you wish to use the Mission Sustainable logo for your event posters, SWAG, or email signature. 

We'd love to know when and how you are planning to use the Mission Sustainable logo. Email Thank you!

  • Mission Sustainable - 3color logo


    For both print or web usage, please contact us so we are aware and can approve of either sponsorship or endorsement of advertised event or program. Aside from the orgicial tri-color logo, it is acceptable to use the logo in the following fully solid colors: black, white, green, and light green. We also have two alternative formats of this logo, one where the "mission sustainable" text is not stacked but still underneath the logo, and one where the text is enlarged and to right side of the logo. Please contact us for specific files.

  • Liaison, the Center for Sustainability. Mission Sustainable logo in tri-color

    Email Signature

    Open "Settings" in your Google inbox by clicking the gear icon at the top right corner. Stay in the "General" tab and scroll towards the bottom where you see the section: "Signature." To insert the liaison logo, click on the image icon and enter this URL: . If you run into an issue, right-click on the image (on left), select "open in new tab" and copy the URL that appears.