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screenshot of team on Zoom

screenshot of team on Zoom

Shoutout to Summer Interns

We had our first-ever batch of virtual volunteer interns this summer. A huge thank-you to these students for their incredible work. Read more about their projects.

This summer, 15 amazing volunteer interns joined our staff team. These students worked remotely on a range of projects to promote engagement with the Sustainability Strategic Plan (SSP) to our campus community virtually. We had three Global Sustainability Goals Interns: Anna Morris ‘21, Brooke Rose ‘22, and KC Magsayo ‘21. They connected SCU’s work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and worked on raising engagement to advance the goals.Our Sustainability Reporting and Analysis Intern, Becca Poirier ‘21, developed recommendations to improve our programs and outreach. Brianna Platt ‘21, Cameron Wuethrich ‘21, and Trina Wong ‘22 were our Data Visualizer Interns. They built dashboards to display trends in energy and waste consumption, highlighting both positive institutional change as well as areas to improve. Our Video Storytelling Intern, Adin Raphael Occidental ‘23, produced short videos that feature SCU’s leaders in sustainability. Our Strategic Action intern team consisted of Elise Fischer-Colbrie ‘21 and Morgan Billington ‘23. They worked to increase awareness of the SSP and encouraged all campus community members to take action. Tess Sestito ‘21 and Vanessa Giampaoli ‘21, our BUG Virtual Garden Leads, helped transition this garden-based, experiential learning program to an online format. Our Forge Culinary Curator Interns, Alexandria Perez ‘23, Ally Cepukenas ‘21, and Anna Kanaley ‘22 developed local, seasonal, and healthy recipes to encourage sustainable eating! Our interns volunteered a total of 1,258 hours!