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Technology at SCU

Getting Started with SmartPrint

Essential information about how to start using SmartPrint printing


If you are a guest of the university, please review the Guest Printing guide to get started.

For SCU affiliates, (active students, faculty and staff), you must  visit the ACCESS office in Benson Memorial Center and obtain an ACCESS card in order to use SmartPrint.  If you have not obtained an ACCESS card, when you try to release a print job, you will get an error message indicating there is insufficient funds and you will not be able to print.  By obtaining an ACCESS card, your SmartPrint free print allocation funds will be activated.  You may review the SmartPrint Pricing page to see what your SmartPrint free allocation is and how much is charged for SmartPrint printing.

After obtaining an ACCESS card or Mobile Credential for the first time or getting a replacement ACCESS card or credential, your new credentials will not be recognized by the SmartPrint system until 9am the following day.  Your new credential information is transferred to the SmartPrint system the following day between 8am and 9am.   Please note that once you get a new or replacement card, any previous ACCESS cards you may have had will be void and cannot be used to tap into the SmartPrint release station.  If you get a new phone, you will need to go to the ACCESS office to activate the new phone with new Mobile Credentials.  Your new phone will not work with SmartPrint until it is activated. If you are unable to print at 9am the day after you obtained a new card or credential, please contact the Technology Help Desk on the 1st Floor of the main Library.

Once you have visited the ACCESS office and gotten an ACCESS card or activated a Mobile device, take a look at Using SmartPrint with Windows and macOS to learn how to install the print drivers on your computer and how to submit a print job.