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Technology at SCU

SmartPrint Windows Software

This download is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 10

Special Anti-Virus note: It has been our experience that Avast and Bitdefender anti-virus software prohibits the SmartPrint software from functioning. We recommend using our university anti-virus software - SentinelOne.

If you need instructions for installing the Windows Popup client, refer to the Using SmartPrint with Windows and macOS page.

(on-campus download only)
   Windows_SCU_Popup9_for_Lte.exe  (Last updated: July 30, 2019)


   UPDATE: Please download and install this additional driver and use it to print to the Heafey Color Printers
   Windows-Color-HP_for_Lte.exe The printer is called SmartPrint Color-HP Printer


Engineering Plotter Client
   Engr-plotter-Popup_for_Lte.exe (last updated: Nov. 11, 2021)


An alternative means to print, is to print to a PDF file. Then either email the PDF file to MobilePrint or upload the PDF file through Print Center


If you are getting a "Failed to connect to host SP2 on port 28203" error message, make sure you are on an SCU campus network (wired or WiFi eduroam), not SCU-Guest, not BroncoFi.   If on a campus WiFi network, make sure you are authenticated by going to an external website, such as or, etc.  If you can get to an external website and are still getting the error message, you can try downloading and running the SetSmartPrintServerAddress.exe or SetSmartPrintServerAddressNoDNS.exe programs.  If you are still having difficulties, please stop by the Technology Help Desk in the Learning Commons.