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Technology at SCU

How Does SmartPrint Work?

Print to a Central Pool, Release at Any Printer

In the SmartPrint system, you only need to configure one Black & White Printer and one Color Printer. If you want a Black & White print out:

  • send your print job to the SmartPrint BW Printer
  • walk up to any SmartPrint Black&White Print Release Station
  • swipe your ACCESS card
  • and release your print job

Your print job will come out on the printer next to the Release Station. For Color printing, it is the same. Send your job to the SmartPrint Color Printer, and your job is available at any SmartPrint Color printer in the Library. If a printer is busy, jammed, or broken, just go to another working SmartPrint location of the appropriate type (B&W or Color), and release your job.

Only Your Print Jobs will Display at the Release Station

In the SmartPrint system, only your print jobs will display on the Release Station. You will not see anyone else's print jobs. You will not accidentally release anyone else's print job. Only your print job(s) will be displayed.

To make this happen, you need to associate your print job with your SCU Username. Your SCU Username will typically be your first initial and last name. For example, if your name is Billy Bronco, your SCU Username might be bbronco. Your SCU Username can be found in eCampus under Personal Portfolio>SCU Electronic Information>Novell Network ID. Your Novell Network ID is your SCU Username.

When you print to the SmartPrint BW Printer or SmartPrint Color Printer, a pop-up box will display asking you to enter your SCU Username. Do not enter your SCU email address or eCampus ID. Only SCU Usernames will work. For example, Billy Bronco would type bbronco in the pop-up box. This would associate bbronco to his print job. When Billy goes to the Release Station, SmartPrint will pull up any print jobs associated with his SCU Username, bbronco.

Your SCU Username is Associated with Your ACCESS Card

How does SmartPrint know how to display only your print jobs?
SmartPrint knows the ACCESS card number associated with their owner and their SCU Username. When Billy Bronco swipes his ACCESS card at the Release Station, SmartPrint will know that the SCU Username for his card is bbronco. SmartPrint will look in the Print Pool for any print jobs associated with bbronco. If there are print jobs for bbronco, SmartPrint will pull them out, display them on the screen so Billy can release and pay for his print jobs.

Note: Print jobs remain in the Print Pools for 2 hours. If they are not released within that timeframe, they will be removed from the Print Pool.


Print jobs are submitted to either SmartPrint BW Printer or SmartPrint Color Printer and can be released at any printer for the appropriate type.
ACCESS cards associated with their owner's SCU Username
SCU Usernames must be entered correctly in the pop-up box when printing to SmartPrint BW Printer or SmartPrint Color Printer. The SCU Username must match the SCU Username associated with the ACCESS card, otherwise the print job will not display on the Release Station.

For more information, instructions, and downloads for SmartPrint, go to the SmartPrint.