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Technology at SCU

Guest Printing with SmartPrint

Guest Printing allows Santa Clara University guests to print to our SmartPrint printers on campus.

Guests will need to create an account using their personal email address.  Each guest account has a courtesy print allowance of $2.00.  Additional funds may be added via PayPal.  Note: Guest Accounts will expire and be removed from our system after one year of inactivity.  There are no refunds for PayPal payments.  Any funds left in the guest account upon removal will be lost.

Need to print a boarding pass?  If you only need to print a boarding pass, you can stop by any of our service desks and they will be happy to courtesy print for you.  You can also follow the instructions and print, or upload and print, the boarding pass yourself.  If you choose to upload your boarding pass, please save as a PDF before uploading.

Creating a Guest Account

1. If there is a My Print Center icon on the desktop, click on it.  If not use your web browser and go to the SmartPrint Print Center site

2. Click on the I am a guest link to create a guest account.

The SmartPrint Guest Printing Login web page.  Click on

 3. Fill out the account information; first and last name, email address (your personal email address), and new password for your guest account.  Note: your email address will be your account Username.  Click the Create button.

The SmartPrint Guest Printing Registration dialog box where you enter your information to register as a guest user.

4. After the account is created, My Print Center will open.  Any available funds for printing will be displayed in the lower left portion of the screen.

My Print Center web page shows a variety of information pertaining to your account.  Information include account balances, print options, selected printer, and print jobs enqueued for printing.

Sending a Print Job

When you are ready to print, select either the SmartPrint BW Printer or SmartPrint Color Printer from the program or application.  Click the OK button.  From the “Print Job Details” box, enter your username.  Your username is the email address you entered during account creation.  Enter your email address or guest email and click the Print button.  Note:  The print cost per page is B&W $.08 and Color $.15

Two images.  On the left is the normal operating system dialog box where you select either the SmartPrint B&W Printer or the SmartPrint Color Printer.  The right image is the SmartPrint pop-up dialog box where you enter your guest email address used when you registered.

Alternatively, you can upload a file to be printed from the Print Center.  Acceptable file types include: Microsoft Office file (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Visio), PDF file, Open Office file, image file (.jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png, .tif),  Rich Text file (.rtf),  or text file (.txt, .csv, .cfg, .ini).

In My Print Center, click on Upload on the top toolbar.  Browse to find and select the file to be printed.  When you are back at the main Print Center screen, it will say the file is processing.  When the ”processing” message is gone, you can pay and release your file.

Cropped image of My Print Center web page indicating the upload button for uploading files and the types of files which can be uploaded.

Paying and Releasing Your Print Job

Login to My Print Center using your Guest Account.  If there is a My Print Center icon on the desktop, click on it.  If not, use your web browser and go to the SmartPrint Print Center site.   Enter your email address in the Username field and enter your password. Then click on the Login button.

Dialog box for logging into the Print Center so you can pay for and release your print jobs.

1. Put a check mark next to all the files you wish to print.

2. At the lower right of the screen, above the Print button.  Click the down arrow to view a list of  SmartPrint printers in alphabetical order.  Click on the search area to search for a printer to print your file(s).   Popular searches are “Library 1st” for printers on the 1st floor of the library; “Law” for Law School Printers.

Print Center web page indicating where to select the destination for sending your print jobs.  Printer destination selection is in the lower right section of the page..

3. In the list of printers, select the printer to send the print job.

When selecting a printer destination, a pop-up list will appear with a list of printer destinations where you can send your print job.  Select one of the destinations.

4. Click the Print button

5. Click the Confirm button

After selecting a printer destination and selecting print, a confirmation dialog will appear showing how many documents, the number of pages to be printed, and cost.  In addition, your available funds will be shown and the printer destination.  Click on 'confirm' or 'cancel'.

Go to the printer to pick up your print job.  Go to the printer promptly so your print job does not get lost between other print jobs.

Adding Funds

Additional funds can be added to your account through PayPal.  You can link your debit or credit card to your PayPal account or use funds from your personal PayPal account. (PayPal Use Your Debit or Credit Card)

1. Click on the Add Funds link

2. An Add Funds dialog box will pop up.  Enter the amount of money you wish to add to your account.  The minimum amount is $3.00.

3. Put a check mark in the I agree to pay the above amount box

4. Click the Continue to Payment button

You can add funds to your guest account by clicking on the 'Add funds' link in the 'Payment method' section of the Print Center.  A dialog box will appear and you will be asked to enter the amount to add.  When you click on 'Continue to payment', you will be directed to PayPal which will handle the payment transaction.

5. You will be redirected to PayPal to complete the payment transaction.  Click on the Pay Now button.

This is the PayPal transaction page where you enter/verify your payment details, then click 'Pay now'.

6. Click on the Return to The President & Board of Trustees of Santa Clara College link

PayPal order confirmation page containing link back to the Print Center.  Click on the 'The President & Board of Trustees of Santa Clara College' link to return.

7. You will be re-directed back to My Print Center and an add funds status box should be displayed.  Click OK to continue

After returning from the payment transaction site (PayPal), you will see a dialog box with the status/confirmation of your payment.  Click 'Ok' to continue.

8.  When finished, Log Out of My Print Center in the upper right corner.