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Technology at SCU

SmartPrint macOS Software

This download is for macOS 10.14 and above. 

If you need instructions for installing the macOS Popup client, refer to the Using SmartPrint with Windows and macOS page.

Note for Macs with M1 chips: There has been limited testing with the M1 computers.    If the installer asks you to install Rosetta, please install Rosetta.

(on-campus download only; must be attached to local SCU network) 

Current Version:
 SCU_PS_Popup9-20210226.dmg  (Feb. 26, 2021 - Popup Client 9.0.10;  macOS 10.14+; 11)

 If you are having difficulties installing the print drivers,  print to a PDF file. Then either email the PDF file to MobilePrint or¬†upload the PDF file through Print Center