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Technology at SCU

SmartPrint Printer Locations

Residence Halls:

Residence Hall Location
Bellarmine (B&W) Bellarmine Service Desk
Campisi (B&W) Campisi Lobby
Casa Italiana (B&W) Casa Italiana Service Desk
Dunne (B&W) Dunne 1st Floor Lounge
Finn (B&W) Finn Hall Service Desk
Graham (B&W) Graham Service Desk
McLaughlin (B&W) Service Desk between McLaughlin & Walsh
Nobili (B&W) Nobili Service Desk
San Filippo (B&W) San Filippo Service Desk
Sobrato (B&W) Sobrato Service Desk
St. Clare (B&W) St. Clare Commons (3395); Study Room #1
Swig (B&W) Swig Service Desk
University Villas (B&W) Villas Print Area behind Service Desk
Walsh (B&W) Service Desk between McLaughlin & Walsh

Library ⁄ Learning Commons:

Black & White Printers Location
Lower Info Commons Lower Level by the stairs
Digital Media Lab 3rd Floor Multimedia Lab - Room 331
Upper Info Commons 1st Floor center of Public computers
Upper Info Commons Entry 1st Floor Library Entrance
Training Room 203 2nd Floor in Room 203
Training Room 205 2nd Floor in Room 205
Computer Lab 206 2nd Floor in Room 206
Third Floor South 3rd Floor by the Patio
Color Printers Location
Lower Level Copy Room     Lower Level by the restrooms
1st Floor Copy Room 1st Floor by the restrooms
2nd Floor Copy Room 2nd Floor by the restrooms
3rd Floor Copy Room  3rd Floor by the restrooms
Digital Media Lab 3rd Floor Multimedia Lab - Room 331   


Law School:

Black & White Printers Location
Charney Hall - 1st Floor 1st Floor room 116
Charney Hall - 2nd Floor 2nd Floor
Charney Hall - 3rd Floor 3rd Floor
Color Printer Location
Charney Hall Color Printer 1st Floor room 116


Labs and Others:

Lab ⁄ Others Location
Benson Memorial Center (B&W) By ACCESS card office
Dukes Business Center (B&W) Lucas Hall Front Desk area
Education and Counseling Psychology
ECP Student Lounge (B&W)
Guadalupe Hall Room 200A
Engineering Heafey 1st Floor(B&W, Color) Center of Heafey Building, 1st FL
Engineering Heafey 2nd Floor(B&W, Color) Between Heafey 202 and 203
Math Lab (B&W) Basement of O'Connor Room 30
Tamaki Lab (B&W) Kenna Hall Room 107