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Executive Sponsors and Implementation Teams lead the implementation of the goals and strategies outlined in the Leading Through Laudato Si' strategic action plan.

Executive Sponsors

Alison Benders, VP, Mission and Ministry (Community Engagement)

Lindsey Kalkbrenner, Director, Center for Sustainability (Organizational Change Management)

Daniel Press, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences (Academics)

T. Shá Duncan Smith, VP, Inclusive Excellence (Campus Engagement)

Wilson Garone, VP, Finance and Administration (Energy and Resources)

Zenobia Lane, VP, Human Resources  (Campus Engagement)

Implementation Team Members


Daniel Press - will appoint a Team Lead

Andrea Brewster

Chad Raphael

Chris Norris

Toby McChesney

Campus Engagement

Mo Lotif - Team Lead

Jason Fitzer

Darcy Phillips

Sheila Javier

Anthony Sampson

Ricky Padilla

Community Engagement

Mike Nuttall - Team Lead

Ray Plaza

Chris Bacon

Maria Autrey

Linda Gentry

Lee Panich - Stakeholder


Sean Collins - Team Lead

Dave Machado

Kevin Jenkins

Frank Tessier

Leah Nakasaki-Peterson

Michael Krautkramer - Stakeholder


Dave Machado - Team Lead

David Cajigas

Daud Haidari

Sean Collins - Stakeholder

Sam Florio - Stakeholder


The Leading Through Laudato Si' planning process began in fall 2022 and involved participation from diverse stakeholders who served in a variety of roles, including in Working Groups, a focus group, and an advisory team.

View the structure of the planning process.

Working Groups

There are five Working Groups, each focused on a different area of the Sustainability Action Plan. Working Group members develop the ideas and strategies behind the new Sustainability Action Plan.

  • Responsibilities: Meet as a group 4 times throughout the year to brainstorm and refine strategies; attend kick-off meeting with all participants in October; attend summit with all participants during spring quarter
  • Participants: 60 members including faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, administration, and other community members

Focus Group

The focus group is an open group of SCU community members who receive updates on the Working Groups' progress and share feedback on the general direction of their ideas. It was created to continue transparency and keep the University informed throughout the planning process, allowing anyone to contribute their thoughts.

  • Responsibilities: Meet for 30 minutes up to 4 times throughout the year to hear updates from all five Working Groups and share feedback
  • Participants: Anyone from the SCU community is welcome to join one or all of the focus group sessions.

Advisory Team

The advisory team is made of important campus stakeholders and administrators that we will check in with throughout the planning process to explore the feasability of proposed plan items.

  • Responsibilities: Meet 3 times throughout the year to receive updates and provide guidance on the feasibility of Working Groups' proposed strategies and goals
  • Participants: 12 campus stakeholders and administrators

Community Feedback

In addition to these three groups, Leading Through Laudato Si' is also shaped by the 400+ SCU community members who shared their priorities for the new Sustainability Action Plan during multiple presentations at the beginning of the year. View the results and summary here!

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About the Initiative

Explore details about the Laudato Si' Action Platform and the steps in our journey towards 2030.

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Review the milestones on our year-long journey to develop a Laudato Si' Action Plan.

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