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Working Group Members

Working Group Members

The Working Groups include 50+ members of the SCU community representing diverse roles and perspectives.


  • Alex Zecevic (faculty)
  • Brooke Rose (alum, ’22)
  • Chad Raphael (faculty)
  • Chris Bachen (faculty)
  • Daniel Press (administration)
  • Ed Grier (administration)
  • Emily Pachoud (undergrad student)
  • Fabian Valencia (grad student)
  • Maria Autrey (staff)
  • Rita Madarassy (faculty)
  • Soniya Patel (staff)
  • Toby McChesney (staff)

Campus Engagement

  • Aaron Willis (staff)
  • Alana Ako (alum, ‘21)
  • Chris Harris (staff)
  • Janice DeMonsi (staff)
  • Kristin Kusanovich (faculty)
  • Linda Gentry (staff)
  • Maria Judnick (staff)
  • Maryam Mobed-Miremadi (faculty)
  • Oliver Branham-Upton (undergrad student)
  • Ricardo Padilla, Jr. (staff)
  • T. Shá Duncan Smith (administration)
  • Sheila Javier (staff)
  • Srinivasan Manivannan (grad student)

Community Engagement

  • Abigail Haggerty (undergrad student)
  • Blair Libby (alum, ’16)
  • Chris Bacon (faculty)
  • Dennis Lanham (staff)
  • Jacqueline Ceja (undergrad student)
  • Jennifer Merritt Faria (staff)
  • Jillian Grennan (faculty)
  • Kalyn Simon (grad student)
  • Lee Panich (faculty)
  • Leslie Gray (faculty)
  • Maria Judnick (staff)
  • Mike Nuttall (administration)

Operations: Energy

  • Abhishek Shukla (grad student)
  • Aven Satre-Meloy (alum, ‘13)
  • Bill Mains (staff)
  • Dave Machado (staff)
  • Dave Schoenwetter (administration)
  • Hannah May Browne (undergrad student)
  • Kevin Jenkins (staff)
  • Leah Nakasaki-Peterson (staff)
  • Maryam Khanbaghi (faculty)
  • Michael Krautkramer (community member)
  • Nancy Cutler (staff)
  • Nathaniel Roland (undergrad student)
  • Sean Collins (staff)

Operations: Resources

  • Alexia Andres (staff)
  • Becca Nelson (staff)
  • Brayan Perez (undergrad student)
  • Brian Bettencourt (staff)
  • Chris Young (staff)
  • David Cajigas (staff)
  • Eddie Grace (staff)
  • Hannah Dinh (undergrad student)
  • Iris Stewart-Frey (faculty)
  • James Wang (alum, ’19)
  • Sahana Kumar (undergrad student)
  • Sam Florio (administration)
  • Staci Gustafson (staff)

Working Group Facilitators

  • Becca Nelson
  • Lindsey Kalkbrenner
  • Maria Judnick
  • Veronica Johnson

Advisory Team Members

  • Annie Fox
  • Brigit Helms
  • Ed Ryan
  • Elaine Scott
  • Gracie James-Hickey (guest)
  • Jack Treacy, SJ
  • Jeanne Rosenberger
  • Kate Morris
  • Mariel Caballero, ‘02
  • Michael Crowley / Wilson Garone
  • Michelle Templeton
  • Molly McDonald
  • Nancy Calderon

*Members listed in bold are Working Group chairs.

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