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Promote Food Justice, Earn a Badge!

Tips to Take Action for food justice through the Sustainability Strategic Plan

Have you heard about SCU’s new Sustainability Strategic Plan? The plan was revealed in January, 2019 and has several goals:

  1. To achieve climate neutrality by the end of 2020
  2. To practice mindful consumption
  3. To develop a culture of sustainability among students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors
  4. To use the campus as a living laboratory for developing global solutions

We have several playbooks specialized to your role at SCU. Are you an on-campus resident? Staff? A lab manager? We have specific playbooks all members of the SCU community that can be found here

If you use the playbooks as a guide and complete one of our badge-worthy actions, you will earn a badge highlighting the type of action of you completed. The badges are a great way to show off your commitment to the strategic plan and the more actions you do, the more badges you can earn! Can you collect them all? 

Here are four badge-worthy playbook action items that promote food justice by striving towards SCU’s 2020 zero waste goals:

REDUCE your food waste. Volunteer for a Scrape Your Plate event (next one happening this date) to educate your fellow broncos on food waste and you’ll earn a waste badge! By helping to raise awareness about waste and divert more of our waste from the landfill you will contribute to promoting food justice on SCU’s campus and earn a waste badge!

REUSE your food containers. Use an eco-tray or other reusable tupperware when you take meals to-go to reduce your food packaging waste. Take three selfies with your eco-tray or reusable tupperware and email them to to earn a waste badge! Eating out of reusables diverts single-use disposable waste from the landfill.

RECYCLE through a waste characterization. Learn where waste goes and how to properly sort it by attending a waste characterization event (next one happening this date). Email to sign up and earn a waste badge!

RESPECT your food and where it comes from. Rather than purchasing produce with a large carbon footprint that has been shipped across the world, opt instead for food from organic and local farms. If you are a regular shopper at the Forge Garden Farmstand (attending at least 5 farmstands in one quarter) you can win a purchasing badge!

What are you waiting for? Take Action to promote food justice and earn a badge today!