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Sustainable Food Systems Fellowship

2023 Fellows Update

The Sustainable Food Systems Fellows (Abby Crowley and Isabelle "Ava" Solórzano) presented to Dining Services in November 2023 to recommend advancements for our campus food system. 

Gratitude is extended to the mentors of this program Dr. Christopher Bacon and Forge Garden Manager Becca Nelson who extended their expertise and guidance to our Food Systems Fellows. 

Sustainable Food Systems Fellows lead a research project to study campus food systems at Santa Clara University.

Goals: The research project aims to increase understanding of our campus food systems’ environmental and social impact, as well as to identify actionable steps for improving these systems. The Fellowship will provide practical experience and strengthen students’ skills for future academic endeavors, early-career jobs, and graduate school research.

Duration: The majority of the research is conducted on SCU’s campus during the summer, lasting from around May through October 2024.

Deliverables: The Fellowship concludes with a paper or presentation to share findings and recommendations. The fellows will collaborate on the project together and work with faculty and staff mentors, including administration and Dining Service leadership. 


  • Students shall remain in good academic and behavioral standing based on SCU policies and values.
  • Current Santa Clara University junior or senior.

Applicants who meet all of the following will be prioritized for this opportunity:

  • Come from underrepresented socio-economic backgrounds (e.g. Black, Latina/o/x, Native American, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, and first-generation),
  • Prior coursework exploring data analysis or sustainable food systems / agroecology 
  • Show strong leadership potential and commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.