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Bird Solar Project

The Bird Solar Project is a new initiative that will fund photovoltaic systems in multiple campus locations over the next few years.

Miguel Ozuna Leavey Bird Solar Picture

Photo by Miguel Ozuna, courtesy of Santa Clara University

Thanks to a generous investment from Jeff and Tina Bird, this project will more than double SCU’s current on-site solar generation capacity, reduce operating costs, and allow annual savings to be reinvested into additional sustainability efforts on campus.

Bird Project Locations and Impact

  Size (kW) Activation (power generating) Timeline Annual Generation (kWh)
Leavey Parking Lot 687.5 March 18th, 2024 1,025,190
Athletic Excellence Center (AEC) 202.5 March 18th, 2024 300,746
North Garage 521 Spring / Summer 2024 783,004


Photos of solar panels in leavey lot

Leavey Parking Lot

Photo by Miguel Ozuna

Cropped HTML Email

Google Earth view of Solar Projects Across Campus

Image provided by Michael Krautkramer

solar panels on the AEC

Athletic Excellence Center (AEC)

Photo by Miguel Ozuna

Radiant impact: Solar panels illuminate SCU’s green path

"It’s a gift that keeps giving to the University"

Contributions that made this project possible will accelerate SCU's sustainability initiatives in multiple ways.

2,108,940 total kilowatt hours

Upon completion, the total estimated renewable energy kWh production will be the equivalent of powering 115 homes for one year.

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