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Energy Insights

Thank you for joining us for our Energy Insights event! In order to complete this activity, please read through the guidelines below, and feel free to email with any questions.

This activity can be done at anytime!  The four components are as follows:

  • Plug Load Audit: 5-10 minutes
  • Your Energy Sources: 5-10 minutes
  • Take Action: 
    • Watch Video: 3 minutes
    • Contact Representatives: 10 minutes
  • Bonus Follow-Ups: 5 minutes
  • Estimated total time to participate: 30 minutes

What could you unplug to reduce our carbon footprint?  

For this simplified energy audit, please count the electronics that are plugged in your house. 

Use this calculator to see what's running up your electricity bill and your environmental impact. If you don’t know your energy pricing, use this tool to become aware of how much energy your electronic devices are using. 

Take this audit as deep as you want to go! You can also customize your appliances and wattages based off of other sources. 

Now that you’ve seen how much energy you’re using, find out where it comes from!

This EPA website shows a breakdown of fuel mix by region. Select a region to see what fuel sources provide electricity, and how it compares to the U.S. national average.

Electricity from non-renewable sources is a major cause of climate change. More and more communities, cities, and states across the United States are adopting renewable energy and carbon neutrality goals and targets. Where does your community stand? 

Take a look at this visualization of U.S. State greenhouse gas emissions targets, and this list of cities with carbon neutral goals. Is your mayor on this list of Climate Mayors?

Throughout the country, power plants are disproportionately placed in communities with a high percentage of racial minorities and low income families. This 3 minute video can serve as an introduction to the idea of environmental injustice.

  1. Identify the power plant closest to you (or near SCU, if you’re not in California) 
  2. If you want to see more results with all indicators, go to CalEnviroScreen and access the most recent version of CalEnviroScreen once you feel ready (we recommend reading up on the indicators before you start). Santa Clara University’s address is 500 El Camino Real. 

Right now, your energy sources are being chosen for you by politicians through lobbying. This short video highlights the power large oil companies have over policymaking, and how they are profiting off of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  1. Communicate with elected officials. Find out if your state has a date set for reaching carbon neutrality. Write or call an elected official to to ask for a specific carbon neutrality date or advocate for an earlier one.
    • To find your federal and state elected officials/their contact information, click here.
  2. Join an organization that can help advocate with you. 

Share your findings with us! Look for this in our Instagram Highlights under "Eco Living" or answer the question prompts in an email message in order to show proof for earning the Energy Playbook Badge!

 Infographic for Instagram Story

Finally, don’t forget to request your Energy Badge by going to the Action Submission Form and selecting the “Participate in Energy Insights and share your results!” Playbook action!