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Buy Nothing

Currency font within the logo for a Facebook group for giving away or receiving free goods.

This program is sponsored by the Center for Sustainability and the Office of Student Life. This Facebook group provides a forum for all SCU students, faculty, and staff to give, share, borrow, and claim free items. Services can also be offered/claimed like sewing, bike repair, and more. 

Why you should participate: Gifting and receiving actions or items through the group strengthens community connections, saves money, and reduces waste, including GHG emissions.

How to sign up: Visit our Facebook Group, Buy Nothing Santa Clara University, and click the “Join Group” button. You will need to answer a few brief questions about your SCU affiliation and provide your SCU email address to get approved. Allow approximately 24 hours for approval and entry to the group. Once you enter the group please review and confirm that you've read our community guidelines.

How to use this group (Gifting):

  1. When gifting an item, make sure to include a short “Gifting” description and post. Nearly all items are permitted, except the list of unacceptable items.
  2. Wait for someone to comment and depending on how many people comment, select a recipient.
  3. Private message the recipient and change the status of the post to “Pending.”
  4. Once you have gifted your item, change your status to “Gifted.” These words ensure that everyone knows whether an item has been taken or not. 

How to use this group (Receiving/Requesting):

  1. Kindly comment on the post and if possible, share a reason why you are interested in the item.
  2. If you are selected, communicate with the gifter to arrange a time and location to meet up.
  3. When collecting the item you want, express gratitude and you are good to go! 

Unacceptable items: 

  • Alcohol, drug paraphernalia, vapes/cigarettes
  • Hazardous items
  • Any items that symbolize or endorse hate speech, self-harm, misogyny, etc..

Learn more about the Buy Nothing Project.