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Personal Compost Pails

Personal compost pails make composting even easier! The Center for Sustainability and the Housing Office have paired up to provide students with small compost pails they can use in their rooms on campus.

On-campus residents can rent personal compost pails anytime during the academic year. The rental is free; however, the pail must be cleaned and returned to the Center for Sustainability at the end of the Spring quarter.

Interested in renting your own compost pail? 

  • You can email if you'd like more information.
  • You will be asked to fill out the short registration form.
  • You can pick up your pail in the Center for Sustainability's main office in Bergin 200.  

2 SCU students hold up their personal compost pails in the residence halls

Playbook badges

Participating in this program helps implement the Sustainability
Strategic Action Plan. Earn Sustainability Playbook badges for your efforts!

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