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Garden Apprentice Profiles

Bea Ricafort
Garden Apprentice

Pronouns: she/her

Year: 2026

Major / minor: Economics major, MIS and Spanish minors

What is your favorite part about your role? I like spending time outdoors because I think that when you're in nature and surrounded by life, you can't help but feel a little more grateful to be alive. To me, being an apprentice is my chance to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty – literally. I am excited to learn more about sustainable agriculture, specifically growing and harvesting my own food. To me, sharing meals is a way of building community so I'm interested in being able to use the food that we grow at the Forge to connect members in the greater campus community.

What is your favorite thing to grow in the garden and why? In terms of what we grow, I love California Poppies and Lavender but also I think garden maintenance like pulling weeds and aerating soil is really satisfying.