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Sustainable Food Systems Fellow Profiles

Abby Crowley
Abby Crowley
Sustainable Food Systems Fellows

Pronouns: She/her

Year: Senior

Major / minor: Management Major, Sustainability and Spanish minors

What is your project about? As a Sustainable Food Systems Fellow for the Center for Sustainability, I will be conducting research and creating a report on the SCU food system. This role will include reviewing past purchases made by the school and evaluating their sustainability. In addition, I will be creating a proposal with suggestions for the school to improve the sustainability of our food system to help not only reach university goals but to help make a difference on a larger scale in combating the climate crisis. 

How will this fellowship support you in your future scholarship/career goals? It is my ultimate career goal to work either in the public or private sector to help organizations and/or businesses improve their sustainability initiatives, and this fellowship will provide me with the practical experience and skills to do that. I want to do work that will help in our efforts to combat the climate crisis and improve our society as a whole. Because sustainable food systems have always been a passion of mine, I am so excited to have this fellowship, as it will be an incredible opportunity for me to use as a stepping stone on that path.

Other passions, hobbies, fun facts, or anything else you want to share: I am from Vermont and have always loved being outside in nature and my favorite hobby is skiing. I am passionate about sustainability, social justice, travel, and mindfulness.