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SVP Sustainable Futures Fellow Profiles

Chrissy Brandon
SVP Sustainable Futures Fellow

Pronouns: she/her

Year: 2025

Major / minor: Political Science and Psychology majors

What is your project about? Engaging in this project represents a pivotal step towards shaping my future career path. It offers me the invaluable chance to acquire practical experience and deepen my understanding of decision-making processes while delving into high-impact projects grounded in real-world perspectives.

How will this fellowship support you in your future scholarship/career goals? This project harmonizes perfectly with my career aspirations, driven by my desire to explore the most effective means of assisting underprivileged children. I foresee this endeavor as an essential compass, guiding me through best practices and providing access to a wealth of information and valuable contacts that will continue to illuminate my journey towards meaningful future endeavors.

Other passions, hobbies, fun facts, or anything else you want to share: In my free time, I love to crochet, I enjoy reading, and I am intrigued by plants and being outdoors! My passion extends to environmental preservation and the well-being of future generations. I am particularly dedicated to addressing issues such as food insecurity, supporting underserved communities, and advocating for equal opportunities. My ultimate goal is to contribute positively to these causes and make a lasting impact on our world.