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MyOwnBusiness Institute


  • The Learning Co-Op

    Educator in New York Shifts Career to Offer Language Expertise in a New Business

  • Ivy & Stone

    Accomplished Hairstylist Inspired by Entrepreneurship Course Opens New Salon

  • The Otwetiri Project

    An Academic from Africa Uses Soccer to Inspire Educational Improvements for Youth in West African Villages with His Nonprofit Business

  • Kassumay LLC

    Entrepreneur in Rhode Island brings a taste of Senegal to New England and empowers women back home

  • Immaculate Cleaning

    Long-Time Cleaning Services Owner Renews Her Passion for Business and Forms Women's Support Group

  • Foreigner BG

    Building His Own Dreams - An Expat Gives Back in Bulgaria

  • Thoroughly Prepared for Business

    MOBI helps a single parent and long-time stay-home mom in Virginia fill in the gaps in her business and pursue a course for growth

  • PD's Hot Chili Company

    With a family recipe in hand, this husband and wife team take on the artisanal food scene with their sensational hot sauce

  • Almani Farms

    Sales take flight when local farmer grows niche market

  • Just Falafel

    Two families come together for a taste of franchise success