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Energy Efficiency

Over the past seven years the university has maintained an aggressive program of lighting and Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) upgrades to reduce energy consumption. Learn more about current energy projects.

  • Lighting Systems

    Upgrading lighting with newer, more energy efficient fixtures saves energy and money. The payback on these upgrades is typically 2-3 years. Lighting has been upgraded in the Heafey Law Library, Orradre Library, residence halls, and Bannan Engineering.

    SCU uses Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology in the following spaces: Walsh Administration Conference Room, Support Services Parking Lot, Swig Hall Exterior Lighting.

  • Occupancy/Light Level Sensors

    SCU uses light sensors to reduce energy use in buildings. Sensors in Support Services, Bannan Labs, Learning Commons, Lucas Hall, Heafy Law Library, Benson Memorial Center, and Casa Italiana monitor natural light in almost every room and adjust the artificial lighting accordingly to minimize energy usage.

    Santa Clara University also has 22 energy efficient motion sensing vending machines located throughout campus that are only activated when a person is in front them, allowing the majority of the machines components to turn off and save power when the machine is not in use.

  • Energy Management

    SCU uses timers and energy management software to regulate temperature based on occupancy and outside temperatures.

    The Energy Maintenance System (Trane Tracer Summit) allows Utilities to control various systems throughout the University; including heating, air conditioning, lighting, and indoor air quality, all from a central computer. This control system allows Utilities to ensure comfortable temperatures in any occupied room as well as maximum building energy efficiency.

    Energy metering systems (monitoring all energy consumed in the buildings) are currently used in Swig Hall, the Jesuit Residence, and the Support Services buildings.

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