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The money that you donate will directly impact SCU students; from intramural participants, to club sport athletes, to one of the 6,528 students that checked into the Malley Center during the 2015-2016 fiscal year. 


Participants in our Intramural Sports program


Number of members who attended one or more fitness classes


Number of student check-ins to the Malley Center during the academic year


Participants in special events put on by Campus Recreation during the academic year

Listed below, you will find detailed instructions on how to navigate each donation pages in order to ensure that your money is directly impacting the program that is most important to you.

Click here to donate to Club Sports

Please visit our Support Club Sports page for more information. There, you may choose to donate to one (or many) of our 17 club sports teams.

Click here to donate to Campus Rec

In order to donate to the overall Campus Recreation program, please click here and follow the instructions listed below.  

  • From the first drop-down menu, select 'Student Life'
  • From the second drop-down menu, select 'Campus Recreation'
  • Choose the gift type and dollar amount


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