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Releasing Print Jobs from a Mobile Devices

Review and Print


After selecting a printer, review your print fund balance and the print jobs waiting to print.

Your available print fund balance is displayed in the upper right corner.

Review your print jobs in theWaiting Documents area.  Under each print job is displayed the number of sheets of paper to print and the cost for each job.

If the number of sheets of paper and the costs are acceptable, tap the Print all bar and release all your jobs to print on the printer you selected.

Note: the printer says Both Sides.  This does not necessarily mean your print jobs will print on both sides.  If your print job is single-sided, it will still print single-sided.



Change Print Options for Files Uploaded or Emailed

When sending a print job with a computer using the popup client and print driver, you have the option of setting the numbers of copies and whether to print single-sided or double-sided.  When you upload or email a file to SmartPrint, you do not have that option at the time you upload or email.  However, once the file is in the SmartPrint system, you can change the print options through Print Center.

Tap on the print job for which you wish to change the print options.   In this case, the Microsoft Word file was sent with the popup client and print driver.  Since it was not uploaded nor emailed, you cannot change the print options nor  preview it. You can only print or delete this file.


The https.pdf file was either uploaded or emailed and when that file is tapped, you will see print options can be changed (Both Sides, Pages Per Side, Copies). Uploaded and Emailed files can also be previewed.  Tap on the Preview button.   Preview the file to confirm the way SmartPrint will print your file.  Tap on the left or right arrows to page through your file.  Tap on the X in the upper right to exit preview mode.


The print options indicate that this file will print single-sided, since the Both Sides indicator is OFF. To print this file double-sided, tap on the Both Sides indicator.   The Both Sides indicator will turn to the ON position.  By printing double-sided, notice the pieces of paper went from 2 to1 and, the cost of the print job went from 16 cents to 12 cents.


If you preview a color document or image and the preview shows up in black and white,  make sure you selected a color printer.  If the Color indicator is OFF, tap the Color area to turn ON the Color indicator.  Preview the document again to confirm it is in color.

Tap the Print button to pay for this job and send it directly to the selected printer.  Promptly go to the printer and pick up your print job to prevent it from being mixed up with other print jobs.    You may also delete this print job from the print pool by tapping the Delete button.

Similarly, tap on the Pages Per Side area to change the number of pages printed per side.  The default is 1 page per side.  To save paper, you might want to change Pages per Side to 2.  Note: each page of your print out will be reduced to fit 2 pages on a single printed page. Tap on Copies to increase the number of copies. 

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