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SmartPrint Print Center: Login and Review

Connect to the SmartPrint Print Center by opening your web browser to You must be connected to the SCU campus network.


Login to the Print Center by entering your SCU Username (eg. JSmith) and your password. Click on the Log in button.


*If you are a GUEST of the university, enter the email address and password you used to create your Guest account.



After successfully logging into your account, any print jobs submitted with your SCU Username, or Guest account, will be displayed in the list of print jobs.  In the lower left of the screen, your available printing funds are displayed.  You will not be able to print your jobs if My Funds is less than the cost of the print job.  SCU students, faculty and staff with ACCESS cards can add funds to their Flex account at a value-add station. Guests can add printing funds by clicking on the Add Funds link.  The Add Funds link will take you to Guests can use their credit card, debit card or personal PayPal account to add printing funds.

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