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2018-19 Awards & Accolades


2018-2019 Individual Student-Athlete Accolades

These awards are given by each individual league to the club sport student-athletes that have excelled in their respective sports, demonstrating outstanding athletic ability and talent, while making significant contributions to their club, distinguishing themselves as the premier student-athletes in their divisions.

Student-Athlete Team Accolade(s)
Keaton Collier, ‘21 MLX           All-American Honorable Mention
Cloie von Massenhausen, ‘19 WCVB

1st Team All League

All Tournament Honorable Mention at Nationals

Adrienne Lee, ‘20 WCVB

1st Team All League

All Tournament Honorable Mention at Nationals

Kelly Guslani, ‘21 WLX 1st Team All League
Ellie Higgins, ‘19  WLX 1st Team All League
Alyssa Mueller, ‘19  WLX

2nd Team All League

All Tournament at Nationals

Kylie Hughes, ‘22  WCVB  Honorable Mention All League 
Keaton Collier, ‘21  MLX  1st Team All-Conference 
Ryan Buchanan, ‘19  MLX  2nd Team All-Conference 
Brian Buckley, ‘19 MLX 2nd Team All-Conference 
Kyle Jacobs, ‘19 MLX Honorable Mention All-Conference
Stephanie Novas, ‘20 EQU 2nd Place at CCEF

2018-2019 Club Sports Student-Athlete & Officer Awards

Each year, Santa Clara Campus Recreation recognizes teams and individuals for their outstanding athletic success and accomplishments both on and off the field as well as their dedication and commitment to being exemplary student athletes.

Team of the Year Award. Awarded to teams who have accomplished a tremendous amount of success during their seasons on and off the field/court/facility.

Club Sport Team of the Year: Women’s Club Volleyball


Open Club Sport Team of the Year: Equestrian


Athletes of the Year Award. Awarded to student-athletes who not only have excelled at their sport but have also become invaluable members of their team.

Men’s Team Athlete of the Year: Owen O’Mahony, '19, Men's Rugby

Women’s Team Athlete of the Year: Carley Fowler, '20,  Women's Rugby

Open Team Athlete of the Year: Daniel Torre, '19, Swimming



Most Improved Team Award. Awarded to the team that has shown the most growth and improvement over the year.

Most Improved Team: Women’s Rugby


Highest Team GPA Award. Awarded to the team with the highest average GPA from Fall and Winter quarters.

Highest GPA Award: Women’s Field Hockey, 3.56


Officers of the Year Award. The officers of the year awards are given to student-athletes who have demonstrated outstanding leadership skills on and off the field.

Open Team Club Sport Officer Award: Christian Groneberg, '19, Shotokan Karate

Men’s Team Club Sport Officer Award: Kyle Perez, '19, Men's Ice Hockey

Women’s Team Club Sport Officer Award: Cloie von Massenhausen, '19, Women's Club Volleyball